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Unique Value Worksheet

The purpose of this worksheet is to provide you with a guide that will help you process the results of the Unique Value Assessment. In the event that you have not yet finished the evaluation, please do so by clicking on the link provided here. [evaluación en español]

Then proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Underline the sections of the Unique Value-added summary that best exemplifies you and your distinguishing characteristics.  You will find this description at the very top of the sheet that contains your results. This description was written to facilitate the identification of your distinctive qualities and the ways in which those qualities might be helpful. Create a list of the distinguishing characteristics that best exemplify you.

  • What energizes you? Don’t be shy! List whatever comes to mind. Identifying what energizes you can have numerous benefits including, improved productivity, increased motivation, better self-awareness, reduced stress, and enhanced well-being.
  • List general or specific issues or needs that stir your heart. Identifying what stirs your heart is important as you seek personal fulfillment, motivation, a positive contribution to society, self-awareness, and community building.

Step 2: Identify your preferences using the chart on your assessment results sheet. If you have a printout, you can indicate your preference by placing an X on the scale as you read the summary of each.

You are a bridge in the related area if your score is 45-55%. This means you have a special talent for easily functioning in both extremes or acting as a mediator between them. Your preference as a bridge would most likely be determined by the situation and needs of the group.  Otherwise, you will fall into one of the more extreme sides of each preference category including environment, motivation, insight, and drive.

The goal is to raise self-awareness and identify potential areas for personal development and growth.  Furthermore, understanding and recognizing the personality traits and preferences of others is critical for improved communication, relationships, teamwork, and overall effectiveness.

  • How can I improve my communication and relationship skills? Understanding your own personality traits and preferences enables you to communicate your needs and expectations more effectively to others. Understanding others can also help you communicate with them more effectively and deliberately. Improved communication skills, increased empathy, and respect for others will help build stronger, more positive relationships.  
  • How can I improve my teamwork and overall effectiveness? When working in a team, understanding each other’s personality traits and preferences can help to promote collaboration, increase productivity, and improve overall team dynamics. It can also help you achieve your goals more effectively by providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to tailor your strategy and approach according to the styles, needs, and preferences of those around you.

Always remember that everyone is unique. As we learn, we must ask questions, get to know others as dynamic individuals, and adjust our approach accordingly. There are no right or wrong preferences, only better ways to meet others where they are in the situation at hand. The challenge is to use the following insight to supplement your self-discovery and provide some suggestions for caring for others who may also fall into each category. 

Step 3. Place your gifting clusters and gifts in order of their strength, starting with the most powerful. Find out which of the following four types of skills—Support, Guidance, Navigation, or Communication—you excel at the most. If a tie occurs for your gifts, give the tying gifts the same ranking number and continue numbering.

  • How do you see your highest gifting cluster and gifts working themselves out in your current network and relationships?
  • Make special note of your lowest-ranked gifts. Think about how you can target these areas and make them a skill.
  • Make special note of your area of victory. Your area of victory is found when your highly-ranked gifts are coupled with the gifts in the polar opposite gift cluster.  These are the areas where you are currently finding a supernatural balance in gifting that are normally opposed to each other. Take time to celebrate this incredible strength.

Step 5. Take some time to form an action plan with personal growth as your number one priority.  Then brainstorm ways to devote your unique value-added characteristics to the service or your network, clients and community.

  • How can use what I learned to better serve my network, clients, and community?

Step 6: Let us know if you have any questions. We love hearing from you.

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