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Escazu Costa Rica Real Estate

Escazu Costa Rica real estate is a great option for relocation and investment alike. Connect with the RE/MAX Certified Specialist in Escazu.

Escazu property listings including homes and condos for sale, apartments for rent: less than $350,000 | $350,000-500,000 | $500,000-750,000 $750,000-900,000 | above $900,000 

Each area in Costa Rica has its own charm and atmosphere. If you’re at the top of your professional game, a family looking for a community to call home, or even wanting to slow down somewhere beautiful and enjoy the small things Escazu Costa Rica is an ideal place to call home. This area is, 20 minutes from San Jose, is a modern and dynamic hub with shopping, dining, business centers, amazing entertainment options, and every beach is just a day trip away. If you need quick access to the most up-to-date schools, stores, public transportation, and entertainment Escazu, Costa Rica is a great location for you to become part of the community.

What is the real estate market like in Escazu and Santa Ana?

The real estate market in Costa Rica is strong and that is true of Escazu as well. Tourism boosts the local housing market with people falling in love with the natural beauty and laid-back Pura Vida lifestyle. US buyers are driving up property demands due to higher housing and property prices for luxury and ocean view real estate properties. Buying a home is pretty straightforward and simple.

One important difference is that Real Estate Broker’s in Cost Rica is not required to be licensed so it’s important to find someone reputable who is also a member of Costa Rica Global Association of Realtors (CRGAR), the (CCCBR) and/or a Certified RE/MAX Costa Rica Specialist to ensure ethics, transparency and safekeeping of your financial investment. Buyers have the same legal rights and protections as locals. There are protections in place to ensure properties are titled and registered. RE/MAX Costa Rica strongly discourages the purchase of untitled land which can lead to years of legal challenges.

Financing outside of your home country is a little different as well. Foreigners are unlikely to receive local financing unless you’ve become a legal resident. Some common strategies to move forward include home equity loans on your properties stateside, savings, or retirement funds.

Your RE/MAX broker can assist you with finding and narrowing down the property you’re interested in, then putting in your offer. It is not a bad idea to come in with an offer a little lower than the asking price. Your RE/MAX Realtor will help walk you through the process. A savvy buyer often gets a second opinion from an assessor or conducts research on surrounding sales of similar properties.

Are there luxury and affordable condos for sale in Escazu?

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In Costa Rica Condos are often in gated communities with beautifully manicured grounds and amenities that vary depending on the location. They’re popular investment properties for homeowners and even if the purchase is purely for the purpose of investment.

Buying a condo is often the most advantageous option in Costa Rica for several reasons:

  • Lower cost
  • Amazing location
  • Amenities like pools
  • Friendly community atmosphere
  • Outdoor maintenance Front-office management. 
  • Maintenance of the buildings and property.
  • Options for gated properties with 24-hour security

Escazu Costa Rica Map & Travel

Escazu San Jose Real Estate Map

Escazu, Costa Rica is located in the province of San Jose in the heart of Costa Rica. One of the nicest things about Escazu is that professionals and shoppers can be in San Jose City within 20 minutes, within an hour you can be on the Pacific Coast for a relaxing day trip. Roads are kept up and a breeze to travel, signage is great. Busses are available, in 20 minutes you can be at San Jose International Airport.

Costa Rica has invested heavily in infrastructure providing major highway access and public transportation for those looking for alternative options. The international airport Juan Santamaría International Airport provides makes travel to Escazu, Costa Rica a breeze. The location is convenient and there are too many luxurious hotels to count for family and friends who visit.

Thanks to the expanding infrastructure that includes bridges, railways, and new highways mean that you can now reach remote locations easier than ever before. This expansion also makes living further out safer since you have direct access to hospitals, resources, shopping, and other amenities.

Take a moment to view our Escazu Costa Rica Map below to help put the location in perspective.

What is the weather like in Escazu Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is close to our heart for many reasons, in February when a lot of areas are freezing Escazu Costa Rica weather is well into the dry season offering sunshine and warm weather. Smart travelers find temperatures in the low to mid-90s. Rainfall occurs occasionally, usually overnight. Bikini weather is year-round between 70° to 81° Fahrenheit or 12° to 27° Celsius. The warmest months for Escazu Costa Rica weather is February through April.

Our rainy season is what makes Costa Rica such a beautiful place to live and visit. September and October offer warm relaxing rainfall almost daily. Still, During our rainy season temperatures cool down and there is a lot to see and do:

  • Fishing for Mahi and Tuna
  • Horseback riding
  • Waterfall walks
  • White water rafting and tubing
  • Rainforest hikes
  • Wildlife Tours

Central Valley Costa Rica Restaurants

Escazu, Costa Rica restaurants expansive choices of food options have you covered. From food carts, street foods, and café’s to tasteful dining and beautiful views Escazu does not disappoint. Here’s a few of our favorite:

  • Taj Mahal Restaurant
  • Nau Sushi Lounge, Restaurante Grano de Oro
  • Park Café
  • Restaurante Saga
  • Restaurante Plaza Espana
  • Doris Metropolitan
  • Sisso, Restaurante Pescatore
  • Factory Steak and Lobster

San Rafael de Escazú is one of the more affluent suburbs overlooking the Central Valley. There are several locations within San Rafael with remarkable views, characterized by high-rise condominiums and upscale restaurants. San Rafael de Escazú is known as a place to recharge without the noise and busyness of the city.

What’s the rental market in Escazu Costa Rica like?

Buyers are often happily surprised to find that Costa Rica is one of the friendliest when it comes to foreign investors and Real Estate. If you’re considering expanding your real estate holdings in Costa Rica we want you to want to make an informed decision. This is especially important if you plan to invest in rentals or remote ownership. When considering options, it’s important to understand the legalities, local practices, and your rights as landlord or owner.

Because Escazu is one of the nicer metropolitan suburbs and is central to everything, it’s an ideal location for rental properties. Moreover, there are reliable property management companies that oversee the upkeep, maintenance, and flow of visitors while also keeping your property compliant with local laws.

To assist you with breaking into the rental market RE/MAX Costa Rica is able to assist with:

  • Finding a community that fits your lifestyle needs
  • Finding the perfect investment property, retirement, or holiday home
  • Location-scouting
  • Legal compliance
  • Land purchases and referrals for reliable contractors to build your dream home RE/MAX also
  • Property management referrals for maintenance of building, land, and surrounding property for out of town owners
  • Smooth process of walking you through the buying experience from start to finish.
  • And much more…

Furthermore, It’s common for buyers to start out in the rental market by listing their vacation home, condo or apartment, for rental when it’s not in use.

The real estate market is stable and reliable having proven itself as a great long-term investment, increasing property values over time  The average investment owner spending roughly six to eight weeks at their vacation home which leaves over 40 possible weeks to earn income from a vacation property. 

Escazu Costa Rica Airbnb Options

If your looking at relocating or investing in property, renting an Escazu, Costa Rica renting an Airbnb is a great option to get a feel for the local culture and people. Airbnb is also a great resource for listing your vacation home to bring in income. They list both short- and long-term rentals, fully furnished. Airbnb offers 24-hour support and insurance with every booking. Paired with a great property management team you will be able to enjoy your property when you’re in Costa Rica and make money when you’re not.

Escazu Costa Rica Hotels Options

Escazu fully modern, a premier location for tourist and business travelers alike, is the heart of the Central Valley. In fact, it’s been referred to as the Beverly Hills of Costa Rica. Twenty minutes from the international airport offering the best entertainment, shopping and fine dining Escazu has everything that draws high-paying travelers looking for a chance to get away and a place to lay their head. Jaco or Puntarenas beaches are a beautiful and relaxing one-hour drive. Escazu, Costa Rica Hotel Real Estate is a lucrative industry for investors as tourism is Costa Rica’s number one industry. If you’ve considered adding a hotel investment this is a location to take a closer look at. As Pandemic restrictions continue to ease the tourism industry is heating up. This is the perfect time to look at what hotel real estate in this area has to offer.

RE/MAX brokers have the experience and local knowledge to ensure you are informed throughout the buying process and have the most up-to-date resources and information. We are proud to earn your trust-building ongoing relationships with investors that last throughout the years.

Whats the lifestyle/culture in like in Escazu?

Just 10 minutes from San Jose, Escazu is a trendy and family-friendly suburb in the heart of the city. Close to fine dining, exclusive shopping, and exquisite views this trendy spot is an exclusive spot to live or rent. Located within the San Jose providence, Escazu can be described as having three main districts: San Miguel de Escazu, San Antonio, and San Rafael. Within these districts, it’s common to find luxury estates and condos. This established area is popular, often boasting extravagant amenities and breathtaking panoramic views. Beaches are about an hour’s drive. Country Clubs, golf courses, recreational and competitive swimming pools are just a few attractive options. This is a highly desired area with reliable medical services and great bilingual schools. Escazu is considered by many as “the” place to live.

What is there to do in Escazu?

Apart from shopping, dining and entertainment here are a few popular local activities you don’t want to miss:

  • Butterfly Kingdom Costa Rica is a fun and magical place to visit with family and friends, their interactive display of live butterflies is such a beautiful place to spend a relaxing afternoon or host an event.
  • Spa There are several exclusive Spa’s offereing luxurious experiences so you can relax, get pampered and detox.
  • Golf resorts or tours are a popular way to get out with friends, there are plenty of options to choose from in this area.
  • Makohiking/Cerros DE Escazu Guided hike from a local in the hills of Escazu A safe walkabout experience with unforgettable landscapes!
  • Guided tours that explore Escazu and Costa Rica, there are plenty great ones to choose from. If you enjoy extreme experiences

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